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For the detail-oriented, practical-minded folks out there who like data, there is a method to my madness. I am an accountant, so I did not just pull this dream out of a hat. I have done my research and crunched the numbers. While I dream big, I also look before I leap.

Why do I need the funds so soon?

Because Provan Industries LLC, the company that manufactures the Tiger Adventure Vehicle, has a Bengal currently in production. With minor changes, it will suit my needs quite well. If I don’t take this vehicle, I may have to wait months for another one to be built. If I can raise the funds quickly enough, I can take delivery of this vehicle by April and be on the road by May! How cool is that!

The Tiger currently in production that will be mine once I raise enough funds.

Why choose to move into a camper and live on the road for a while?

Because it’s the only way I can travel. With my disability and limited income, I am unable to do the “normal” method of travel. The “normal” method is to work and save all year to go on a trip halfway across the country and come back home broke. I don’t even have the money to save up in the first place. If I keep living the “normal” life, rooted to one spot, travel is pretty much impossible. It takes all my funds to simply pay rent and groceries and other daily needs. By living and traveling in a camper, I can radically cut my rent and utilities and use those funds for travel expenses. I can use the limited funds I do have for the life I want to live.

Will I actually be able to live within my means while traveling?

Yes, probably, not counting extra medical expenses, which I can’t afford even if I stay in one spot. While I myself might not have tried living on the road, many others have. The internet is a wealth of information about projected expenses from people who have done it. So, I did the research and crunched the numbers. I wouldn’t raise money for this dream if I thought it wasn’t possible to live on my income.

 Why choose a new Tiger Adventure Vehicle versus a used RV?  

Because of fatigue and oxygen issues. If I travel in a run-of-the-mill, 2-wheel drive RV with low clearance, I’m not going to be able to go far off the beaten path. I simply don’t have that kind of strength or enough air. Were I healthier, I’d gladly throw camping gear and other stuff into a small RV or 4×4 SUV and hit the road during the summer. However, I can no longer do that. I can’t park a run-of-the-mill RV in a campground and then head out on a backpacking or hiking trip. To get away from the tourist crowds and experience beauty and silence and nature, I’m going to need a 4×4 camper that can take me off road with minimal set up required at the end of the day.

Because I have unique battery and electrical needs due to my supplemental oxygen. Oxygen concentrators pull a significant amount of juice. I need a solar panel setup and extra batteries. In other words, I need a camper set up for off grid use. Standard RV’s are geared toward the retirees who travel in the warm months and stay in RV parks or campgrounds with hookups.

Because, realistically speaking, I have months or years left, not decades, unless God steps in with a miracle or a new treatment becomes available for me. To wait until I find a used 4×4 camper that also fits my unique requirements due to my health issues, I could be waiting a year or more. I may not have that much time left. In addition, I’m still reasonably healthy enough to go traveling. A year from now, I may not be. Cancer has taught me a lot about living in the moment.

What if I raise more than my target amount?

I will invest those funds in a retirement account and other accounts against future medical needs.

What if I raise less than my target amount?

I choose to dream big because I subscribe to this view: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” I totally agree, so I’m going into this expecting to raise the funds I need. However, I’m also practical, so I do have a rough plan if that doesn’t happen. In that case, I will use what funds I raise to pay current medical bills and other needs. I will then invest the rest in a fund account and keep my eyes open for a mechanically sound, used 4×4 camper. To find a used 4×4 camper with my specific needs would be a challenge, but probably not impossible.

Will you help me make my dreams come true?

My funding page on GoGetFunding: My Tiger Adventure
To give via check go here:  The 4×4 Tiger Adventure Vehicle

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