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God Will Provide

June 9, 2018

God will provide—sometime, somehow, somewhere—
Yet slow in coming is the answer to my prayer.
I must know now; I must see how; I must know where
God’s will is calling me.

God will provide—A faithful God is He.
His word is true, and yet I doubt. Does my God see
How long I wait, how slow and late appears to me
The word for which I long?

God will provide—But how can I go on?
With weeping, doubting heart I fear to face the dawn.
Long is the day; long is the way. My song is gone.
Where is His promised strength?

God will provide—and yet the things I need
Just do not come.  Empty am I.  Will He not heed
My anguished cry, my longing sigh? Will He not lead
Me to His pastures green?

God will provide—He loves His doubting child.
He holds me close; He guides me true through tempests wild.
He loves me so; yes, this I know, for I’m His child,
His precious and beloved.

God will provide—To Him my doubt I bring.
Faithful and true He is. To Him in faith I’ll cling.
Sometime, some day, somewhere, some way—And so I sing,
“He will provide for me.”

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