Cancer-- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma | Death | Grief | Poems About Cancer

Upon My Dying

My life. Cut short. It doesn’t seem fair. The dreams, They just keep slipping away. Slowly, Life slides through my hands Like sand From a child’s shovel. I’m dying. Slowly. But I’m dying. Life closes in. Yesterday the ragged exhaustion Turning into the longing to sleep forever. Today, the cane. Tomorrow, the wheelchair. Slowly, Energy […]

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Cancer-- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma | Death | Poems About Cancer


Death hovers close, +++like misty wraiths, +++a shadow to my steps, +++billowing and blowing, +++moving and fading, +++floating, ethereal. Somedays, +++I peer through mist +++to faintly catch a glimpse +++of I know not what. Other days, +++gray fog drifts in +++to shut my path from view. I fear her not, +++this thing called death. Grim […]

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Poems About Cancer

Open Hands

I want to live with fists clenched tight… For life is rich, so sweet, so full Of laughter, wonder, joy, and light. I touch each moment as it slips Across my hands and wonder why Such precious things are mine to hold. I want to cling with grasping hands To dreams that lie within my […]

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