Cancer-- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma | Death | Poems About Cancer


Death hovers close, +++like misty wraiths, +++a shadow to my steps, +++billowing and blowing, +++moving and fading, +++floating, ethereal. Somedays, +++I peer through mist +++to faintly catch a glimpse +++of I know not what. Other days, +++gray fog drifts in +++to shut my path from view. I fear her not, +++this thing called death. Grim […]

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Dysfunctional Families | Poems About Dysfunctional Families

In the Photo Album

From the pages, The faces smile, Pictures of a family, together, Throughout the years: Little children, laughing, clowning. Teenagers. Married sons and daughters. Grandchildren. Pasted on these pages, the faces smile on, forever. The smiles bravely hide another world. No secrets do they tell. No stories do they reveal. But behind the smiles… Behind the […]

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Poems on General Topics


Up Mount Moriah I trod. Three long days ago, +++My God asked the unthinkable. Oh, the agony of these three days! Never, never have I dreamed that my God +++would ask this. No!  No! This is my son, +++my well-beloved son, +++my promised son, Promised by God Himself. And now, this! This isn’t my God, […]

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