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Finding My Voice Part 3

To Live in Silence After the sexual abuse ended, and especially once I was of age, I was no longer physically trapped. However, abusers psychologically trap and silence their victims long after the actual, physical entrapment is over. I was no different. After twelve years of sexual abuse, I believed the lies that I was […]

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In the Photo Album

From the pages, The faces smile, Pictures of a family, together, Throughout the years: Little children, laughing, clowning. Teenagers. Married sons and daughters. Grandchildren. Pasted on these pages, the faces smile on, forever. The smiles bravely hide another world. No secrets do they tell. No stories do they reveal. But behind the smiles… Behind the […]

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Why I Cried on Father’s Day

Grief will hit you when you least expect it. Perhaps it’s Father’s Day, and you listen quietly as the church family around you speaks words of affirmation and thanks to their fathers in tribute after the service. You sit silent, your eyes full of tears. Or maybe, you walk into the Hallmark store, wondering if […]

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