Cancer-- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma | Death | Grief | Poems About Cancer

Upon My Dying

My life. Cut short. It doesn’t seem fair. The dreams, They just keep slipping away. Slowly, Life slides through my hands Like sand From a child’s shovel. I’m dying. Slowly. But I’m dying. Life closes in. Yesterday the ragged exhaustion Turning into the longing to sleep forever. Today, the cane. Tomorrow, the wheelchair. Slowly, Energy […]

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Death | Grief | Poems on General Topics


Darling Diana, we wanted you so. But Sunday morning, at the moment of your birth, God called you Home. For nine months you lived, Snuggled close to your mother’s heart. Then God called you to come To His Home and His heart. You missed it all: The sorrow, the joy, The light, the darkness, The […]

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Cancer-- Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma | Death | Poems About Cancer


Death hovers close, +++like misty wraiths, +++a shadow to my steps, +++billowing and blowing, +++moving and fading, +++floating, ethereal. Somedays, +++I peer through mist +++to faintly catch a glimpse +++of I know not what. Other days, +++gray fog drifts in +++to shut my path from view. I fear her not, +++this thing called death. Grim […]

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