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God Walks the Darkness

It’s dark tonight, +++so dark. It seems that God +++is silent. I cannot hear Him. I cannot sense +++His tender touch. He seems to have gone, +++and left a vacuum. But I believe, somehow, +++He left To walk the darkness. The blackness, +++that’s real; It’s too real. During the day, +++I can refuse to think. […]

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The Poem Shame, defeat, hopelessness… +++the shrouds of death upon my soul, +++the bars of my prisoned life. There’s no escape and no way out. Life slowly drains from out my heart. They whisper terrifying messages +++on the breeze. “You’re hopeless!  You’re caught forever!” “There’s no use to try or even to live.” “You failed […]

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Letters to Me

Dear Ellen, Hello, it’s me, the little girl, talking to you. You are a big girl now, all grown up, but just for a little, I want to tell you what it was like for me. Back there, back then, I was so scared. I was afraid of what my brothers were doing to me. […]

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