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I walked into the Five Guys restaurant. Briefly, I surveyed the restaurant. They weren’t busy; most of the tables were empty. I approached the counter and gave my order. After filling my drink, I scanned the mostly empty room. Without conscious thought, I picked my table and slid into the chair while I waited for […]

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Bitterness Is a Choice

My cousin’s question surprised me. “How can you keep trusting God? Everything you’ve been through, why are you not bitter? How do you stay so positive?” I sat in silence, unsure what to say. To be honest, I’d never thought much about bitterness. I was too busy living my life. Later, I pondered her question. […]

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Dysfunctional Families | Poems About Dysfunctional Families

In the Photo Album

From the pages, The faces smile, Pictures of a family, together, Throughout the years: Little children, laughing, clowning. Teenagers. Married sons and daughters. Grandchildren. Pasted on these pages, the faces smile on, forever. The smiles bravely hide another world. No secrets do they tell. No stories do they reveal. But behind the smiles… Behind the […]

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