Poems on General Topics


Up Mount Moriah I trod. Three long days ago, +++My God asked the unthinkable. Oh, the agony of these three days! Never, never have I dreamed that my God +++would ask this. No!  No! This is my son, +++my well-beloved son, +++my promised son, Promised by God Himself. And now, this! This isn’t my God, […]

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Poems About Cancer

Open Hands

I want to live with fists clenched tight… For life is rich, so sweet, so full Of laughter, wonder, joy, and light. I touch each moment as it slips Across my hands and wonder why Such precious things are mine to hold. I want to cling with grasping hands To dreams that lie within my […]

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Book Chapters


On that beautiful April morning, I sat in the doctor’s office, staring at the screen and the ugly gray mass devouring my lung. The doctor’s office was flooded with sunshine, but the only reality I could think about was the ugly black and grayness of those CT scan pictures. Neither the doctor nor I said […]

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