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Created With Sexuality

The Bombshell of Sexuality “What the world?! He looked at me with interest, attraction even. Since when do men do that? And since when am I attractive?” I was on vacation in Florida, spending a day at Discovery Cove. A man had just walked past me, and I could see the interest and attraction in […]

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The Lies of Self-Contempt

Who Am I? Part 2 I lived always with that voice in my head, always virulent in its contempt. “You are a failure.” “You are no good.” “You should have done that better.” “You should always be on time.” “You certainly shouldn’t stutter.” “Everyone secretly thinks you are no good.” “You are weak!” “You are […]

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Why I Cried on Father’s Day

Grief will hit you when you least expect it. Perhaps it’s Father’s Day, and you listen quietly as the church family around you speaks words of affirmation and thanks to their fathers in tribute after the service. You sit silent, your eyes full of tears. Or maybe, you walk into the Hallmark store, wondering if […]

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Victim, Survivor, or Daughter?

Who Am I? Part 1 Sexual abuse survivor. Cancer survivor. These two terms are quite common, terms I myself have used to describe myself. Victim isn’t a word any of us like to think about it, but I’ve been that, too: victim of my abusers, victim of cancer. But we are also much more than […]

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